ACG offers a suite of services for corporate and government organizations:



Threat awareness seminars. Government institutions, enforcement agencies and businesses need effective awareness programs to detect surveillance and possible attack from perpetrators of fraud, property theft, vandalism, corporate espionage, and terrorism


Design of organization intelligence and analytical intelligence capabilities. Business and public institutions can increase bottom line performance by substantially improving their collection and analysis of competitive and threat information. In many instances, this can be done with little or no additional expense through creative leveraging of internal resources.


Training programs for counterintelligence and security managers. The experience of ACG associates in conducting offensive operations offers unique insight for security professionals and the security workforce in detection of hostile threats and low-cost, effective defensive measures.   Coupled with expert-level instructional systems design capabilities, ACG brings a new level of training program design to your organization.



Surveys of physical, data and personnel security policies, procedures and practices. Just as the annual physical check-up is a key to personal health, periodic testing and examination of an organization's emergency preparedness, security of facilities, equipment, and key personnel is wise insurance. 



Business development, market strategy, and representation.  The key to successful government marketing is knowing when and at what level to present a product or service. During their careers, ACG associates have been involved in every phase of procurement. ACG knows the players and understands "the system and how it works."


End-to-end multimedia and industrial design/development expertise.  We work with busy executives, coaches, consultants, and companies to design, develop, and implement customized design solutions that deliver messages and products with impact.  Our associates' portfolio of skills spans the wide range of visual design products including presentations, product design, graphics, video and web.  We pride ourselves in the finest personal service and individualized attention to you.