It has happened...the book "Spy Sites of New York City" co-authored by Bob Wallace, former CIA Director of  the Office of Technical Service and Keith Melton, internationally recognized intelligence historian, has interactive maps that are now available based on Google Maps' "My Places" platform. (To access the map go to

Silent and unseen intelligence wars have raged on the clandestine batlefield of New York City since the American Revolution. Lovers of New York can now experience the city's secret history by downloading the new Google Maps-based tool. The map offers a comprehensive interactive guide of New York City espionage. All aspects of covert activity are featured, including assassination, sabatoge, operational sites, commercial covers, homes, and safe houses.  This is NYC as seen through the eyes of the villians and heroes of the clandestine world. From dead drops to dining, the map pinpoints the exact addresses where spies worked, lived, played and died. 

The book and maps are designed for school children, tourists, history buffs and New Yorkers who love their city and the many would be slueths who are ready for a New York City ADVENTURE! Bring laptops or sit at your desktop for this exciting experience. (the tool will expand to smart phones and tablets as "My Places" further migrates to mobile)

"New York City: Hub of Espionage" will be Bob Wallace's presentation for the World Affairs Series of the Adventures in Learning program hosted at the Shepherd Center of Oakton-Vienna, Virginia. The program scheduled for October 3rd at 1 p.m. is open to the public in the Program Building of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax, 2709 Hunter Mill Road, Oakton, VA.

Bob Wallace, founder of Artemus Consulting Group and 32 year veteran of the CA, will be speaking to a public audience and retired intelligence officers on the subject of "Who Is Spying On Me?". He will be giving a brief hstory of Espionage Surveillance. The meeting will be at the Kennebunkport High School Main Auditorium, September 21st, 2P.M. The school is located at 85 Fletcher Street (also Rte. 35).

Jenny Fisher, Artemus Associate and eighteen year CIA veteran officer, intelligence analyst, operations officer and Chief of Station has been notified that her article will be published in a future AFIO "Intelligencer" mailing. Jenny was leader of Motorola's Corporate Competitive Intelligence Group and submitted for publication: "A Guide to Competitive Intelligence:  A Case Study of Motorola's Corporate Competitive Intelligence  Group, 1983-2009". The article is currently available online at the AFIO WEBSITE: guide.htm.