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Cyber security is our passion, our focus, our life. Protecting our clients is our purpose and what we love to do. We have been producing a lot of amazing content to help the community. If you do not follow me on social media, look me up on twitter and linkedin. Ultimately, I want to help you do your job more effectively and provide resources that have value. Therefore I would love to hear from you on what is your biggest challenge or area you need the most help in from a cyber security perspective. Some of the key topics we are focusing in on is threat hunting, insider threat and CISO resources. 

To help you focus on being the best security professional on the planet, ask yourself: How much confidence do you have in your organizations security and how you are approach cyber security? Think about the answers to these questions for your organization:
  1.  Are you compromised and if you were how would you know?
  2. Do your executives understand security with clear metrics and a security dashboard?
  3. If your organization had ransomware attack, would your executives' pay?
  4. Do you have a clear and accurate security roadmap focused on risk?
  5. Are your resources focused in on the highest priority areas and is your security program making a positive impact on the organization?
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To help get you started I attached some of my recent posts that provide actionable items you can do today to secure your organization.  

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Zero Days is a must-see video for all students of national security. Zero Days includes interviews with Michael Hayden, Gary Samore, Richard Clarke, plus DHS Chief of Cyber Defense.  

In addition to a superb account of Stuxnet (actual name, Olympic Games), it provides details on the Iranian retaliatory attacks, far more sophisticated offensive weapons, and the most important issue—controlling cyber weapons.  

One can view Zero Days through Amazon for $7.00.







I am making a documentary about 2,300 7th Day Adventist conscientious objectors who volunteered for human testing in the Army biodefense program at Ft Detrick 1954-73. I plan to have it released on Veterans Day.
"Hacksaw Ridge" is also coming out in November. It is about Desmond Doss, the Seventh-Day Adventist conscientious objector who was awarded the Medal of Honor. I have read many MOH citations, but never one as incredible as this one.




SOURCE: courtesy of FAN Steve Jones!

ISIS fighters in Afghanistan claimed to have recently seized a trove of sensitive U.S. military equipment – including communications gear, a rocket launcher and the ID card of a U.S. soldier –but it remains unclear how the items came into the terror group’s possession.

There was no immediate information on when the pictures, posted to social media on Saturday, were taken, though the U.S. soldier’s ID expires in 2017, a possible sign the photos are relatively fresh. There was also no information on how the extremists captured the gear.

The American soldier whose identification was pictured, U.S. Army Specialist Ryan Jay Larson, was not captured by ISIS, Brigadier General Charlie Cleveland told Fox News on Sunday.

“Obviously, SPC Larson is not captured – he is accounted for and with his unit despite having lost his ID card and possibly some of his equipment during recent operations,” Cleveland said in an email. “Beyond that, there is a lot of equipment in those pictures. 

“At this point, we don't know if all of the equipment in the pictures was lost during recent operations or at some other time in the past.”